[Teaser] Web Thematic Pathways of Medieval Manuscripts from the Vatican Collections using International Image Interoperability Framework

Thematic Pathways

The deep analysis of contents of manuscripts entails the understanding of the “pre-print” world in which the manuscript is born. This implies a knowledge pertaining to the history of the manuscript, its origin, provenance as well as other circumstances of the production of a manuscript; identifications of dates, scribes, artists; discussions about the intellectual content and descriptive discussion on paleographic matters.

In its essential lines, a thematic pathway is composed by three different kinds of information:

1) A general description (introduction, historical information, etc) of the chosen theme, It represents the “Story”: the context, the pre-print culture. This unit of information will have an English translation;

2) Descriptive and structural metadata and a curatorial narratives for each manuscript;

3) Annotations / comments / in-depth analysis about detailed parts of a manuscript (e.g. texts, comments, illuminations, etc.) and transcriptions of units of information.