Vatican Palimpsests Digital Recovery of Erased Identities [by A. Németh]


Three folios of Vat. lat. 5750 (pp. 57/58, 59/60 and 61/62) preserve fragments from the Gothic translation of the Arian Commentary on John's Gospel by Theodore of Heraclea (fourth century), the so-called Skeireins, the most important witness of the Gothic language in addition to Wulfila's translation of the Bible. The text was copied in North Italy in the first half of the sixth century, under Ostrogothic rule. The surviving folios arrived to the Irish Abbey of St. Columban in Bobbio where it was recycled for the Acts of the Council of Chalcedon in the seventh century. The other half of this codex is preserved today in Milan at the Biblioteca Ambrosiana (Ambros. E 147 sup.).[02.wl.0000].jpg
Vat. lat. 5750, f. 57r
Transcription of Vat. lat. 5750, f. 57r (from Maßmann, Auslegung des Evangelii Johannis, pp. 31-32)