Vatican Palimpsests Digital Recovery of Erased Identities [by A. Németh] <inf.>

The manuscript contains John Chrysostom’s homilies on the Gospel of John. It was copied by monk Antonios in 1143 (f. 257r). The entire manuscript is a palimpsest and includes fragments of Lives and Martyrdoms of Saints whose feast days fall to the first half of the Byzantine liturgical year, from September to January. For example, f. 202v includes the title and the initial section of the Life of Apostle Philip whose feast day fall on 14 November.

Robert Devreesse reconstructed the original sequence of the recycled folios. The manuscript that was erased had been copied in the 11th century.

Vat. gr. 544, f. 202v

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  "mainMenuSettings": {
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    "viewType": "ImageView",
    "bottomPanel": true,
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    "sidePanel": true,
    "sidePanelOptions": {
      "toc": true,
      "annotations": false,
      "tocTabAvailable": true,
      "layersTabAvailable": false,
      "searchTabAvailable": false
    "sidePanelVisible": true,
    "overlay": true,
    "canvasControls": {
      "annotations": {
        "annotationLayer": true,
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        "annotationState": "off",
        "annotationRefresh": false
      "imageManipulation": {
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          "invert": true,
          "mirror": false
    "fullScreen": true,
    "displayLayout": false,
    "layoutOptions": {
      "newObject": true,
      "close": false,
      "slotRight": true,
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Vat. gr. 1675, f. 152v - detail