Vatican Palimpsests Digital Recovery of Erased Identities [by A. Németh] <inf.1>

Vat. gr. 316 contains various works of the John Italus, a Neoplatonic Byzantine philosopher of Calabrian origin who made his career in Constantinople. This collection of puzzling philosophical questions and their solutions was copied in Baroque Salentine Style in the 13th century. The scribe used recycled material for the entire manuscript. One of the two reused manuscripts was a massive ninth-century codex that contained various works of Philo of Alexandria (Vat. gr. 316 <inf. 2>). A bifolio was added to the front of the codex (ff. III-IV) with a letter that Georgius Bardanes, the Metropolitan of Corfu, wrote to Emperor Frederic II. There is another letter at the end (f. 167) with the story of a refugee from Calabria to the Greeks. Both folios are palimpsests and derive from a tenth-century manuscript that contains passages from the Old Testament (e.g. f. IVr).

Vat. gr. 316, f. IIIr

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}, f. 85r.JPG
Vat. gr. 1818, f. 85r - detail