Vatican Palimpsests Digital Recovery of Erased Identities [by A. Németh] <inf.4>

Pal. lat. 24 includes several Biblical books of the Old Testament (Tobias, Judith, Job, Esther). It was initially copied in Uncial script, written in 22 long lines per page in the seventh or eighth century. The writing surface of this original manuscript seems to have been entirely made up of nine recycled Latin manuscripts and a Greek one, ranging from the fourth to the sixth century. Soon after its production (eighth century), probably already at Lorsch, this manuscript was restored and its missing texts were copied on brand-new parchment folios (ff. 1-8, 17-37, 54-71) by another Uncial hand. The long lines vary from 17-21 per page, and each page currently measures 110 × 85 mm. It found its way to the Palatine Library at Heidelberg whence it arrived to the Vatican Library in 1623.

Greek medical fragment

A bifolio of Pal. lat. 24 (ff. 41-42) preserves fragments of recipes in Greek from a parchment codex. The context of the original manuscript is unknown and it seems to have been copied in the fifth century in the West. The surviving portion includes words on how to make plaster and various ingredients of a recipe. This unique text is the only fragment in Greek in Pal. lat. 24.

Pal. lat. 24, ff. 41r + 42v

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