The Library of a 'Humanist Prince' Federico da Montefeltro and His Manuscripts [by M.G. Critelli]

Giovanni Scutariota

fl. 1442-1494

A very active scribe in Florence between 1442 and 1494, who copied more than 130 manuscripts (only 15 of which are undersigned and dated), including 5 Greek Urbinati (Urb. gr. 34, Urb. gr. 36, Urb. gr. 112, Urb. gr. 114 and Urb. gr. 115), the Greek column of the trilingual Psalter (Urb. lat. 9) and some contributions in Greek in the Urb. lat. 196. Originally from Thessaly, Scutariota lived in Florence with the Manetti family between the years 1442-1447, while he was Greek tutor for Agnolo, the son of Giannozzo (see Németh, Il copista Giovanni Scutariota, p. 96). His work is associated with some important clients, who include (besides Manetti himself) Niccolò V, Cosimo and Lorenzo de’ Medici, Marsilio Ficino, Palla Strozzi, Angelo Poliziano and Francesco Filelfo. Some codices of his hand also made their way into the library of King Matthias Corvinus. He might also be identifiable with a custodian who was employed at the Florentine Studio from 1473 to 1486 (see Martinelli Tempesta, Il codice Milano, p. 174).

Die griechischen Schreiber, pp. 197-199; RGK, I, pp. 108-110, nr. 183; II, p. 104 nr. 242; III, pp. 120-121 nr. 302; D’AIUTO, Graeca in codici orientali, pp. 252-256; MARTINELLI TEMPESTA, Il codice Milano, pp. 171-176; MARTINELLI TEMPESTA, Nuovi codici, pp. 519-548; NÉMETH, Il copista Giovanni Scutariota, pp. 89-111.

Urb. lat. 9, f. 1r

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