The Library of a 'Humanist Prince' Federico da Montefeltro and His Manuscripts [by M.G. Critelli]


Texts by Maria Gabriella Critelli for the sections:

  • Home; Federico’s Collection: Development and Features; Scribes at court; Federico’s Heraldry; The Urbino Inventories; The Vatican Inventories

and for the pages:

  • With Vespasiano’s Eyes; Federico’s Portrait; Florentine Scribes; Other Scribes; The Bindings; The Vatican bindings; Purposes.

Texts by Ilaria Maggiulli for the pages:

  • Aharon b. Gabriel; Antonio di Francesco Sinibaldi; Francesco degli Ugolini; Giovanni Scutariota; Gundisalvus Hispanus; Hubertus W.; Hugo de Comminellis; Leonardo di Giovanni Tolosani; Sinibaldus C.; Φ.H.; Antonius de Salla; Francesco da Tolentino; Pietro Antonio Sallando; Sigismondo di Nicolò Alemanno

and the creation of the manuscripts' structural and descriptive metadata.

Texts by Eva Ponzi for the sections:

  • Codices ornatissimi: Flares from a Collection; The Florentine Production; The Paduan-Ferrarese Production; The Urbino Production; Extra-category Manuscripts

and for the curatorial narrative fields; creation of the manuscripts' metadata (historical-artistic field).

Text by Marta Grimaccia for the page:

  • Some examples of original bindings.