Greek Paleography From Antiquity to the Renaissance [by T. Janz]

Liturgical Majuscule

One more variant of Greek majuscule script needs to be mentioned briefly, namely the so-called "liturgical" minuscule, whose name derives from the fact that its use is attested exclusively in Gospel lectionaries (collections of Gospel readings for liturgical use). While quite easily recognizable, this highly ornate script is rather difficult to describe, since the letter-shapes are quite variable, incorporating, in varying degrees, elements which recall this or that feature of the other "canons," as well as (optional) flourishes in the middle of the letters. Moreover, none of the extant examples are explicitly dated (though a few are datable to within a few decades), so that it is not possible to map out its development over time or to propose reliable dates for manuscripts written in this hand. Pasquale Orsini has recently dedicated a monograph to this script which provides a wealth of further detail; you may see examples of it in the manuscripts Vat. gr. 351 (proposed dates from the ninth to the eleventh centuries); Vat. gr. 357 (ninth-tenth c.); Vat. gr. 1522 (ninth-fourteenth c.); Chig. R.VII.52 (tenth-eleventh c.).

Vat. gr. 351, f. 16r