The Library of a 'Humanist Prince' Federico da Montefeltro and His Manuscripts [by M.G. Critelli]


In conclusion, there are also examples “without classification” that prove no less interesting: Urb. lat. 248, which is characterized by two different decorative processes at the end of the fourteenth century and the beginning of the next, and which was added as a gift to Federico’s collection; Urb. lat. 264, made in Padua by another one of the great Paduan maestros of minium, Girolamo da Cremona; Urb. lat. 281, one of the Valturio manuscripts made in Rimini, and which constitutes a work that certainly could not be lacking in the library of a man of arms like the lord of Urbino; Urb. lat. 410, made in the entourage of Francesco Filelfo and containing a Federico’s portrait; Urb. lat. 681, a handy little volume made for cardinal Francesco Gonzaga that contains the Rerum vulgarium fragmenta and the Triumphi of Petrarch; Urb. lat. 899, a magnificent example that celebrates the marriage of Costanzo Sforza with Camilla d’Aragona.